Firetech Pro performs professional structural fire protection for both commercial and residential properties.

Safety regulations require buildings to contain certain elements to increase its fire resistance. We incorporate structural steel to the building in order to prevent the spread of a possible fire. There are several systems to be used when performing the structural fire protection:
  • Board Based Systems
This system will give the building up to 240 minutes of fire protection to the structure - depending on the type and thickness of the board used. With quality boards from Firetech Pro, we will make sure that your building receives every possible minute of fire protection.
  • Cementitious Fire Systems
The cementitious fire spray provides as much as 240 minutes of fire protection to the structure of the building. It is durable and can withstand much impact, but should be only be applied where the exposure to the elements is minimal.
  • Intumescent Spray Painting
This spray is designed to react under the influence of heat, forming an insulation foam layer that keeps the steel from reaching a temperature over 550 degrees celsius. It is crucial to understand the different factors and methods of applying intumescent spray painting. Poor workmanship may result in the structural fire protection not giving you all its advantages.

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